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Your customized solution



SIREM is your partner to develop your demanding projects and provide you with innovative solutions for your application :

  • Design in project mode
  • Lean industrialization
  • Highest quality ISO 9001 v 2015
  • Dedicated service

Our development process is based on a design that is close to the customer’s needs. Our customized offer includes :

1- Help in defining the need :

  • Joint drafting of the specifications
  • Modelling of the client application
  • Proposal of a concept

2- The “business model” approval with the submission of a budget offer

3- The mock-up and prototyping for validation of the need and performances

4- Internal industrialization

5- Internal and in the field qualifications

6- Accompanying the launch : time-to-market, training…

7- Monitoring of the product life : SIREM services, After-sales…


This pre-project phase clearly defines our understanding of your need so that we can provide you with :

  • Our first estimate of the project feasibility
  • Our commitment to develop the project by your side

FEASIBILITY: 4 to 6 weeks

We achieve with you a precise analysis of the application domain : environment, use mode, installer profile, user…

Together we draw the specifications which set the awaited key performance parameters during the product life.

DEVELOPMENT & DESIGN: 3 to 6 months

We devise the product architecture and make the technological choices of critical parts in connection with suppliers and subcontractors.




This step enables to study different possible tracks to implement your project, to assess the pros and cons of each solution, to finally recommend the one that we think is best suited to your needs.




In order to achieve the best level of performance and  reliability, we qualify the chosen solution. We approve the durability of the design by confronting it with the expected conditions of use.  We conduct tests under extreme  operation.


We organize the component supply chain and internal assembly means. We ensure the repeatability and the correct implementation of the means of control of the developed solutions.  We maintain a traceability suited to these solutions and your needs.

Integrated control of assembly stages guarantees flexibility and quality of execution, thanks to specialized assembly lines,  experienced operators and end-of-line quality tests.



Thanks to a controlled ERP, SIREM manages a wide range of products  in small and medium serie to meet the needs and the seasonality of its markets.

SIREM relies on a network of specialized suppliers and subcontractors, selected for their expertise and their reactivity. These partners provide the manufacturing of the components designed by SIREM and through their know-how achieve the quality and the sustainability of the sourcing. SIREM focuses its purchases on European suppliers who share the quality and professionalism values expected by its own customers.


SIREM provides a tailor-made customer service for its clients.

There is no programmed obsolescence in SIREM products. We strive to sustain a product throughout the life of your machine.

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