A full range of motorization systems to suit all types of pool covers.

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Motorizations for swimming pool covers

COVEO : the solution for motorized swimming pool covers

With COVEO, SIREM offers a full range of motorizations adapted to all the types of swimming pool covers.

COVEO is a range of tubular motors and electronic control boxes for above-ground, underwater and solar covers:

  • Above-ground covers in 80, 120 and 200 Nm in 24V DC
  • Underwater covers in 120, 200, 300 and 600 Nm in 24V DC
  • Above-ground solar in 150 Nm in 12V DC



Above-ground motorizations for automatic swimming pool covers

2 types of products are offered :

  • 80 – 150 Nm motorizations for above ground swimming pool covers.

These motorizations for automatic pool covers are fixed outside the swimming pool. Depending on the model, the limit switch can be mechanically managed (C80 model) or automatically (120 Nm model) or electronically (150 Nm model).

  • Control boxes

A standard control box and one with a chlorinator are both offered with a power supply and a surge protection.

Underwater motorizations for automatic pool covers

2  products are offered :

  • 120 – 300 Nm motorizations for underwater swimming pool covers.

These motorizations for underwater automatic pool covers automatically manage the limit switch. Dimensions of the shafts are tailor-made and the IP68 waterproof class ensures the product watertightness.

  • Control boxes

SIREM design control boxes with surge protections. These control boxes provide a dry contact for electrolyser control and pump control contact.

Why choose a SIREM automatic pool cover motorization ?

Since 2004, SIREM has established itself as one of the European leaders in pool covering engines. This success is mainly due to the fact that the brand works exclusively with manufacturers of automatic pool shutters. 100% of the products manufactured at SIREM meet the French standard NF P90-308.

COVEO products have a robust design as they are manufactured at SIREM in France and are tested individually before shipment.
Over the years, this range of engines has proven its worth as more than 100,000 tanks around the world are now equipped with COVEO products.

COVEO is also an efficient after-sales service that allows you to process requests from pool shutter manufacturers in a timely manner.


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