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Over more than 20 years, SIREM has expanded its expertise in the development of motorized solutions in humid and immersed environments.

COVEO – Pool cover motorization systems

Discover our range of motors and electrical boxes designed for the automation of above-ground and immersed pool covers.

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SWIMEO – Counter-current swimming jet

Transform your conventional pool into a countercurrent swimming pool and concentrate on your swimming without having to keep turning around. With its powerful flow and swimming comfort, Swimeo will satisfy your whole family and your friends.

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AQUAFIT Easy – Aquabiking in a cabin

SIREM is the leader for aquabiking in a cabin. With its 26 powerful water jets, Aquafit Easy combines the pleasure of pedalling in water with the feeling of well-being you get from a deep massage.

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AQUAFIT Dome – The Japanese sauna

Discover infratherapy with the Aquafit Dome relaxation cabin. Thanks to long infra-red rays, Aquafit Dome facilitates cellular regeneration and helps the body to eliminate toxins.

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For more than 50 years, SIREM has supplied the food industry with robust liquid agitation solutions and pumps.

Gear motors for milk cooling tank agitators

A large selection of motorization systems that are robust and reliable under all circumstances, means we can equip all tanks, regardless of volume , tank shape or specific agitator blade constraints. SIREM always has the solution.

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Tank cleaning pumps

Today, SIREM manufactures more than 40,000 gear motors and 50,000 pumps per year for many business sectors, as standard or as dedicated development.

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SIREM supplies industrial and residential gate motors to gate manufacturers and installers.

Gate motorization systems

Sirem offers motorization solutions for community gates, whether sliding, freestanding or swinging,to secure access to residences, companies, administrations and sensitive sites.

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KAIROS – Laser solution for a high-speed gate

In 2020, SIREM introduced an innovation in the form of KAIROS, a reliable and rapid automation system for making access to your sensitive and logistics sites secure.

With the KAIROS technology, SIREM put power and performance at the service of your security.

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SIREM supplies a wide range of standard products, and designs and manufactures your motorization solution based on your specific requirements.

Gear motors for industry

Sirem offers standard and tailor-made solutions.

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Pumps for industry

Today, SIREM manufactures more than 50,000 pumps a year for many business sectors, as standard or as dedicated development.

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