Milk cooling tank

SIREM is the world leader in motorization solutions for agitators in milk cooling tanks, as well as washing pumps

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Milk cooling tanks

With more than 60 years of expertise gained in this market, SIREM is partnered with all of the biggest milk cooling tank manufacturers worldwide. The storage of milk first requires homogeneous cooling without altering its qualities. Secondly, it has to be kept at a constant temperature, about 3 to 4°C, in a milk cooling tank.

A large selection of motorization systems that are robust and reliable under all circumstances, means we can equip all tanks. Regardless of volume , tank shape or specific agitator blade constraints, SIREM always has the solution.

Also, the biggest milk cooling tanks can be equipped with a SIREM cleaning pump, which is indispensable for guaranteeing perfect hygiene after each tank emptying operation.

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