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Who are we?

Based in Saint-Maurice-de-Beynost, 20 minutes from Lyon, the company employs about 100 employees, whose skills have always been the key to our success over time. All types of work are present on the site, from design to marketing, passing through industrialization, manufacturing and purchasing.

The company is dynamic on its markets and has experienced various industrial revolutions, relying on its capacity to innovate, the quality of its products and its position as a leader on niche markets in France and abroad (>30% of turnover).

Every day, the men and women working for the SIREM company are at the heart of the company’s business growth. Therefore, with the goal of equity and respect in mind, SIREM closely monitors the evolution of its employees’ performance, which is intrinsically linked to that of the company.

In order to support this international growth with a solid financial foundation, SIREM is speeding up its development by reinforcing its teams.

The gender equality index in 2021: 93/100.


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