Swimeo - counter-current swimming jet

counter-current swimming jet

Enjoy swimming as if you’re in a natural setting

Enjoy swimming as if you’re in a natural setting.

SIREM, a specialist in motorized solutions in aquatic environments, spent 18 months developing its counter-current swimming jet, an innovative solution that reflects its core DNA: SWIMEO.

Our R&D teams tested different technological principles in order to develop a laminar flow generated by an immersed turbine. Unlike solutions with small jets or pumps, SWIMEO’s marine propeller speeds up the flow of water to a speed of 3.4 m/s (12 km/h).

Surrounding the whole body, this flow accurately recreates the feeling of swimming in a natural setting.

Intended for new construction projects, the built-in version of SWIMEO can be hidden behind a grille (not included), in its own recess. Hence, SWIMEO can be perfectly integrated in your swimming pool construction project.

This is an easy to install, high-performance, discreet and silent product.

Get the equipment that brings peace of mind and increase the size of your pool with no extra work!

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