Ref. NCC
The counter-current swim branding SWIMEO by SIREM is the result of SIREM track-record and expertise in demanding areas, particularly through its COVEO range for the underwater motorizations of swimming pools safety covers.
SIREM counter-current swim has a high quality design, a low power consumption. Its direct current motor is designed for an intensive use (endurance test up to 1 500 hours).


  • Easy to installation : out of water mounting on a vertical wall
  • Space saving
  • Flow rate: 300 m3/h max
  • Turbine output speed : 3 m/s > – 11km/h
  • Speed at 3 m : 1 m/s > 3,6 km/h
  • Nominal power : 1 200 VA
  • Power supply of 230 Volt
  • Power automatic control
  • Control box mounted in the technical room between 5 up to 20 m from the swimming pool side
  • IP68 tightness class

2 versions

  • For original integration (need for a nook in the pool wall)
  • A stand alone version for existing pool


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