Sirem offers motorized solutions for public gates whether they are sliding, self-supporting or swinging for securing the access to residences, companies, administrations and restricted sites.

For a secured access to private, public and restricted sites, SIREM motorizes gates whether they are self-supporting, sliding or swinging.

We also offer solutions for automatic fencing.

Our range of gear motors allows us to provide solutions for gates up to 2 tons.


We offer the possibility to equip our motors with asynchronous or DC motors. For the latter, Sirem also has the skills to develop your electronic control card.

In 2020, SIREM innovates with KAIROS, the secure and fast solution to secure access to your sensitive and logistical sites.

With KAIROS, SIREM places power and performance at the service of your safety. This solution is designed to operate high-speed self-supporting gates up to 2 tons with a laser sensing system for an enhanced safety.

To learn more about KAIROS.

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