40 years of experience serving dairy farmers and cooperatives !

To access the best service for the maintenance or replacement of your Sirem products for Milk Tanks, we invite you to contact the manufacturers of your original tank.  We also recommend you to contact our «Certified Partner SIREM».

The “Certified Partners SIREM” guarantee you : reliability, technical assistance and fast availability of original parts  identical to the first mounting, without adjustment.

Find out more about our “Certified Partner” here below or contact-us.

A quality and reliability label

The “Certified Partner” label

You will find below the main regulations defined by SIREM to label “Certified Partner” its preferred retailers.

This label is a guarantee of quality and reliability which translates 40 years  of experience servicing the milk producers.

This commitment gives you the assurance that the spare parts and replacement products are guaranteed identical to the originals.

Transparency and availability

  • Transparency : The”Certified Partner” promotes the original SIREM products, clearly identified by their marking and packaging.


  • Availability: The”Certified Partner” has enough stock to ensure a supply under 24 or 48 h of the product or the spare part, even for the oldest products.

Proximity and support

  • ProximityEach”Certified Partner” acts in a preferential manner on a specific country. He is a market expert and close to the sector’s players.


  • Technical Support : The “Certified Partner” expertise guarantees the best level of technical advice in the SIREM choice of solutions.



  • Sustainability: SIREM commits to a long-term relationship with the “Certified Partners”, on a multi-year basis. Each year the partnership provisions will be updated.
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