Aquafit Easy - Aquabiking and hydromassage

Weight reduction solution using hydromassage and pedalling with variable resistance

Aquafit EASY, the hydroactive cabin

AquaFit – Technologie is a brand of the SIREM group. It is the combination of all the expertise of a French industrial group, which has manufactured pumps and motorizations since 1928.

Our Aquafit EASY aquabiking cabin is the result of 8 years of Research and Development. Its technology and design are the fruits of SIREM’s expertise in balneotherapy motorizations and pumps.

Our aquabike combines:

  • 26 adjustable hydromassage jets (10 on the sides, 10 at the back and 6 at the front),
  • a vast choice of training programmes with adjustable pedalling resistance,
  • session durations to suit your desires or requirements,
  • accurate water temperature adjustment,
  • chromotherapy.

The EASY and DOME combination is also a perfect association to enhance the benefits and final results. A session in an EASY hydromassage cabin helps to boost the cardiovascular system and the calory consumption. When combined with a relaxation session with the aquafit Dome, it helps to carry on the cardio training in relaxation and increase the detoxification.

AquaFit Technologie has installed over 400 machines in 15 countries since 2012.

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