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An expert engineering office

Thanks to its team of project managers-engineers, SIREM combines real expertise in key skills :

  • Electrotechnics : direct current motors, asynchronous, brushless, as well as the winding of asynchronous motors.
  • Mechanic : overall design, power transmission.
  • Hydraulics : turbines and pumps bodies.
  • Electronics : power, control, communication.
  • Watertightness: underwater motors.


With the resources to manage it effectively :

  • calculation and CAD tools
  • inhouse test laboratory for testing the solutions at different stages of development.

An industrial team - integrated purchase

With a team of 60 people, SIREM manufactures over 250.000 products per year, through operations that are organized around specialized services :

  • 3 assembly lines of gear motors
  • 1 assembly line of pumps
  • 1 stators winding workshop
  • 1 assembly workshop for the electronic power and control units
  • 1 paint booth
  • 1 manufacturing workshop of aquabiking machines
  • 1 test and endurance bench workshop
  • 1 metrology workshop
  • 1 maintenance workshop
  • 1 logistics location of approximately 4,500 inventory references


A small and medium series manufacturing team

  • A winding workshop for the manufacturing of stators for asynchronous motors (up to 1.5 kw).


  • Dedicated workshops by product range :
    • gear motors, swimming pool covers, pumps, drum-motors.
    • engineering :recovery and customization of small series components.
    • after-sales: expertise and repair workshop, technical support.

Quality, logistical flexibility, responsiveness are SIREM main features which best define the manufacturing of our products in small and medium series.

The manufacturing team relies on a purchase, order and planning team, to ensure that schedules are accurate, as well as the choice and quality of our suppliers.

An experienced quality team

From the phase “qualification and testing plan”, via the phase “suppliers and components control”, “systematic end-of-line testing” and  “unitary codification and traceability”, until the after-sales and hotline, even “improvement plan”.

Sirem has been ISO 9001 certified for over 10 years.

A dedicated sales support team

Orientation and customer satisfaction are among our priorities. The sales and after-sales team is committed to answering any request (technical, commercial, service) without any delay.

The marketing team is listening to the market developments and information collected in the field and is working on the visibility of SIREM brand through digital and conventional communication tools.

Human ressources

SIREM women and men are at the core of the company activities development.  With a goal of fairness and respect, SIREM has defined 3 development axes for leading  its HR dynamic :

  • the sense of result
  • the teamwork
  • the transparency and accuracy of communication

For an efficient contribution to the performance evolution of its collaborators, SIREM fosters the professional training, the social dialogue and the salary policy.

Women – Men equality :

The women-men equality index in 2019 is : 93/100

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