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SIREM offers motorization solutions for demanding purposes and environments.

SIREM develops patented industrial solutions for small and medium series, for every type of motors up to 5 KW.

Since 1928, SIREM is a driving force within the major technological developments.

Revolution of household appliances

Agricultural mechanization

Industrial automation

Wellness industry development

1928-1970 Beginnings in the Wireless telegraphy radio sets manufacturing (Télégraphie Sans Fil) up to the extension of the offer to the design of specific motorized products. 



Establishment in Lyon of the « Radio d’Art AB » company by Mr A. Bermante. Manufacture of wireless telegraphy radio sets.


Radio d’Art AB becomes « Société Industrielle Radio-Électrique & Mécanique » (SIREM).


SIREM gets into the small household appliances. Beginning of the manufacturing of electrical motors.


SIREM innovates and moves towards the sale to industrial integrators (OEM). SIREM takes over the market of drain pumps for washing machines in Europe.


SIREM quickly becomes the main manufacturer of gear-motors for the milk agitationin Europe. This is the beginning of the implementation of a specific product development approach for each customer, the basis of its current strategy.


From 1995 up to nowadays : development of specific solutions and systems, implementation in new motorized applications.


From 1995 up to 1998
  • Development of the Balneotherapy activity (Purchase of ASD). SIREM completes its offer with jets and accessories.
  • Launching of the drum motors activity for supermarkets checkouts belts.
  • Launching of the drum motors activity for the unwinding advertising display.

Development of a new range of  motorizations for automatic swimming pool covers, incorporating electronic control solutions.

From 2008 onwards

Launching of the first range of portable leisure spas. Development of the Spa activity with the brand Aqua Dolce and the purchase of SODIM in 2010. SIREM progressively completes its offer of spas and pumps with shells and accessories to be able to provide a French supply to its partners.


SIREM launches AquaFit Technologie. Beginning of the manufacturing and marketing of aquabikes in individual cabins for the professionals of Wellness (aesthetics, beauty centers …), of Fitness (fitness room, …) and the luxury hotel industry.


SIREM launches COVEO its new motorization for swimming pool covers with a whole underwater and above ground range improving by 30% the closing speed. SIREM parts with SODIM and its brand Aqua Dolce.


Kickoff of the new aquabike in individual cabin by AquaFit Technologie: AquaFit Easy. Decisively design, this new product allows to cover all the targeted markets.


Kickoff of « KAIROS», innovative controlled drive system, of high speed and high security motorization, with a wireless laser detection system  for sliding gate.


Kickoff of “SWIMEO“, counter current swimming turbine, the new high sensation swim in your pool.

From the family business of the 30’s

Established in Lyon in1928 by a Russian immigrant, Anatole Bermante, a wireless telegraphy radio sets enthusiast.

He first sets up a manufacturing and repair workshop for wireless telegraphy radios, that he enlarges by moving to the suburbs of Lyon in 1936.

From 1937 up to 1946, the company grows thanks to 2 main activities :

  • the radio
  • the mechanical subcontracting

Since that time, SIREM expands its offer with small  motors for household appliances, such as portable washing machines, ironing machines (Repassex, food processors (Combinex), long before Moulinex!

Its first customer is MANUFRANCE which sells the SIREM products by mail-order selling.

SIREM will be able to innovate in new markets over the following years.


To nowadays...

SIREM is today an innovative and efficient industrial company which helps you to achieve your motorized solutions in demanding environments.  All along the process, from designing to manufacturing, SIREM remains at your disposal and makes sure that the expected volumes and performances are available to ensure the profitability of your projects.

Food industry

Since the beginning of the 70’s, SIREM is the European leader of gearmotors for the milk cooling tank agitation.

For your satisfaction, we have implemented a customized product development approach.

Swimming pool

We offer our customers integrators many ranges of motorizations for their automatic pool covers.

The gear motors ranges for above-ground or underwater covers also available with a solar option for environmental reasons.

You may also benefit from our connected solutions for smartphones to control your covers  in complete serenity.

Access control

Always in an innovation approach, SIREM brings in 2020 to the market a high speed laser-detection motorized solution, for the sliding gates of security and sensitive sites.


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