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Expertise – Competencies

Throughout its history, SIREM has always devised a unique know-how in the development of motorized solutions in demanding environments, for markets of small and medium series.

This mix of technology, innovation and human adventure enables today the company to support its partners in their major projects and to develop with them motorized solutions suitable for demanding uses.

Unique competencies

From the original idea, through the design and up to the end-of-life of the motorized solution, SIREM combines key skills.

Designing differently

Thanks to its multi-skills engineering office, SIREM measures the adjustment or whole designing of products needs to provide the best balance performance/cost/time-limit of development. The technological choices shared with the customer are assessed depending on the requirements and opportunities specific to each project : volume, cost, performance, use conditions.

In a “tailor-made” approach, SIREM devises solutions thoroughly dedicated, after having considered the customer specific usage constraints. With this approach, SIREM strengthens the competitiveness of its offer and that of its customers in developping distinct and innovative motorized solutions.

Long-term collaboration

Promoting a close relationship with its customers, SIREM offers customized solutions that meet the performance and the competitiveness needs  of each specific application, throughout the life of the product or system in which it is fitted.

SIREM cooperates with its customers from the designing phase up to the delivery of parts and services necessary to complex system operation with long service lives.

Mastering and controlling the industrialization phase

Small and medium series specialist, SIREM manages the annual needs from a few tens to several thousands of units per year. The animation of a broad and reactive supplier panel allows to mobilize on each product the best technology and secure strong guarantees on costs and time-limits.  SIREM controls a supply chain both flexible and strict.

Industrialization is based on a proven quality system (ISO 9001) which enables qualification, traceability and strict final tests.

Enabling a steady quality level for the whole value chain

SIREM is certified ISO 9001 v 2015.

The company structures its organization on a set of simple and strict processes  which enable traceability and control through all the stages, from need analysis to the implementation of products mass production.

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