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SIREM : Quality Policy : stringency & responsiveness

SIREM is ISO 9001 certified.

 Its organization is structured by a set of simple but stringent processes which ensure traceability and control all through the steps : from the need analysis to the mass-produced product.


Some key steps:


Understand the need: based on the customer's specifications or after an accurate analysis of the applicative field (environment, usage mode, fitter profile, user, ...) we formalize the key performance variables expected all along the product life.


To design: to define the product architecture and make the technologic choices related to suppliers and sub-contractors.


To qualify: to validate the strength of the design by checking with the foreseen use conditions, to test the extreme operations.


To industrialize: To organize the components supply chain and the internal assembly means. To ensure the repeatability and implement the control means of the products individually. To maintain a traceability suited to the products and the customers' needs.


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