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SIREM : Human Resources

Every day, the women and men who work for SIREM are at the heart of its development. Aiming at a policy of fairness and attention to each person, SIREM closely looks after the evolution of its employees' performance, which is intimately linked to the company's evolution.


SIREM has set 3 axes of development to govern its HR dynamics:

  • result acumen
  • team work
  • transparency and thoroughness of the communication


These dimensions have to expressed internally, but also externally with every partner of SIREM : customers, suppliers, authorities. Their implementation is based on many tools:


Annual performance review
The aim of this annual meeting is to reinforce the dialogue between employees and managers. It is a way of making sure that each person understands his/her role in the company and how he/she contributes to its development strategy.
It is also the formalized opportunity to detect the potential and motivations of each person, to set new objectives and to identify training needs.


Professional training
The management and development of capacities are provided in line with SIREM strategy by individual programs sometimes degree-granting. 


Social Dialogue
A rich social dialogue that respects employees, their representatives and the company's interests is one of the principal values of SIREM.


Salary policy
Based on the market salaries SIREM provides a customized policy which supports the individual performance.


You want to join a high-potential company and become one of our talented people? Do not hesitate to send us your application using the "contact" page. 

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