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SIREM : Capabilities

For nearly 90 years SIREM addresses the needs of its customers by providing customized solutions of electromechanical components :  

  • electric motors,
  • gearmotors,
  • pumps,
  • electronic control and power, 


 and of comprehensive systems :

  • aquabiking cabins,
  • balneotherapy systems (through its subsidiary ASD).


To this end, SIREM combines the key abilities in 3 major fields :  

  • The Commercial business,
  • The Design,
  • The Industrialization.


Commercial business :


SIREM is the world leader in challenging niche markets :  

  • milk coolers,
  • covers for swimming pools,
  • motor driven rollers for display and workflow management.


On these markets SIREM has designed dedicated ranges of products integrating specific interfaces for its major customers equipment manufacturers integrators (OEM). 


Through a close relationship with its major accounts SIREM provides customized solutions which meet the needs of performance and competitiveness for each specific application, throughout the life of the product and the system inside which it is integrated. SIREM works together with its customers from the design stage up to the supply of parts and services necessary to operating complex systems during long lifetimes.


In its "customized" approaches, SIREM develops components fully dedicated to a unique customer need, after a detailed study of the use constraints specific to the customer. Through this approach SIREM increases the competitiveness of its customers by providing a differentiated and innovating motorization solution.  




Thanks to its multi-skilled engineering department, SIREM assesses the needs of full adaptation or design of the products to provide the best balance between performance/cost/development deadlines.  The technologic choices shared with the customer are assessed depending on the constraints and the opportunities specific to each project : volume, cost, performance, use conditions.


Industrialization :


SIREM controls a supply chain together flexible and rigorous. Specialist of the low or average serie, SIREM can drive annual needs from a few dozen to several thousand units per year. The control of a large and responsive pool of suppliers offers the capacity to provide for each product the best technology in cost/quality/deadlines.  


The industrialization relies on an well-tried quality system (ISO 9001) which ensures qualification, traceability and rigorous final tests. 



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